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Material, Against Material, Static Coefficient of Friction. Dry Contact . Cast Iron, Oak Wood .485 .08 . Rubber (60 A Belt), Stainless Steel 316 .64, -. Rubber (60.

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The coefficient of friction depends on the two materials in contact. Approximate Friction Coefficients. Material. Steel on . Rubber-soled shoes on wood. 0.9. 0.7.

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Horseshoe, Rubber, 0.68. Horseshoe, Concrete, 0.58. Ice, Ice, 0.02 - 0.09. Ice, Wood, 0.05. Ice, Steel, 0.03. Iron, Iron, 1.0, 0.15 - 0.20. Lead, Cast Iron, 0.43<sup>1)</sup>.

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The Static and Kinetic coefficient of Friction values reference table of this article will be helpful finding COF values of the metal, wood and other common materials. . Bitumen or Asphalt (dry), Rubber, 0.9, 0.5 – 0.8. Concrete (Dry), Rubber, 0.6.

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Coefficient for Static Friction of Steel Chart. . Materials and Material Combinations, Coefficient of Friction. Clean, Lubricated. Steel, 0.74, 0.16 . Solids on rubber, 1-4, -. Wood on wood (clean) . Wood on metals (wet), 0.2, -. Brick on wood, 0.6.

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COEFFICIENTS OF FRICTION. Material. Static. Sliding . Canvas belt on rubber lagging. 0.30. -. -. -. Canvas belt . Hemp rope on wood. 0.50-0.80. -. 0.40-0.70.

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Teflon has such a low coefficient of friction that it often peels off of pots and pans. (Use wooden or plastic utensils.) How do . 1.02, rubber, –, concrete. 0.72, car.

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0.7 . The coefficient of static friction between hard rubber and normal street . What is the coefficients of static and kinetic friction for rubber and wood? dambel!

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Nov 2, 2005 . . on ice or even take a fall. Even rubber-soled shoes on ice has a very small coefficient of friction. . Rubber tip of crutch on rough wood, 0.7, --.


TABLE OF FRICTION COEFFICIENTS . Bricks, Wood, 0.6, Clean and dry. Cast iron, Steel, 0.4, Clean and . Rubber, Cement, 0.4, 0.35, Wet. Rubber, Ice, 0.2.

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and the effect of the moisture content of wood on the coefficient of friction . D-9.5 mm, normal load W=38.5 kgf except for rubber (Dz9.5 mm, W=l. 3 kgf).

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Wood. 0,6. Bronze. Cast Iron. 0,22. Bronze. Steel. 0,16. Cadmium. Cadmium. 0,5. 0,05 .. Note: Rubber doesn't have a single constant coefficient of friction.

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